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Introduction : The world is moving fast at very rapid pace. There are many things in life which is changing and also improving the life of modern people. No doubt the introduction of VidMate brought a new perspective in entertainment. Modern people don't need to visit music stores to get favored type of songs or movies. On the other people can entertain themselves on the go, plus whenever they feel like.

The availability of advanced technology downloading movies, music, videos from youtube. No doubt the same can be also downloaded from other sites like – dailymotion, vimeo etc.

【2】Unlimited full movie download :
- One can find latest movies here.
- All the formats is available and the quality too.
- There is a wide range of movies like – Bollywood, Hollywood plus several other languages too. 【3】High quality of Video :
- There is a huge collection of videos in all types of formats. This becomes convenient for all the music lovers.
- Huge collection of music covering many languages like – Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, Kanada many other languages.

High Definition Video Download :
* Selection of any video from this app is not a problem. All things are considered, catering the taste and preferences of the music and movie buffs.
* There is wide range for sports lover to browse as well, due to – Starsports, ICC- Cricket, ESPN.
* Socialnetworking and entertaining sites like – Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, NDTV, Pagalworld, Mp4mobilemovies etc.

【5】Famous TV Shows:
- TV buffs don't have to feel bad or wait for the repeat telecast. Just access it from – ChannelV, ColoursTV, SonyTV,Star Plus, StarTV, ZeeTV etc.
- Background download
- Download resume
- Download stability
【6】Upto Date Technology :We understand that at times due to this some enthusiast do feel bad, but we offer -
- Multiple Download Facility.
- Background Download.
- Download Stability.
- Download Resume.

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