Game Introduction

All games and application are totally free for users.
- These are sites that offer games for your phone.
- Series supports: phone running the Android operating system.
- Category game provided: game online and offline games.
- This is the game is designed for customers in Indian
- For online gaming, users can only add money to your account to buy the game through the phone scratch card
- We will try to attempt to provide the best variety to your game
Payment method when loading the game:
- When you click download any game you like that are agreed with the terms and conditions of our
- To download the PC game you have to pay for the download, this price depending on the game and are specified in the terms and conditions section (section 5 “Terms of Use”), which will be executed every time enable you to avoid the application of our game is loaded in another device.
- To sustain the effort to promote and develop the game so we have to charge. When users download the game agreed with the terms and conditions of us.
- The game is the game you play online, the game offline and paid entirely by the player decides.
- If you want to add new table or buying weapons, they must buy or recharge sms messaging, text messaging and the price is so active players.
- If the player did not agree please do not press charges downloading the game or delete game if the game was installed on the machine as instructed in the installation section.
You don’t need to pay any fees during downloading or using.
In order to rank high in the game as more genuine furnished, many more treasures, more dominant character than the users will have to recharge the game to buy. This recharge is the process during games and when customers need to buy furniture.
Supplies can be purchased through sms or loaded via scratch cards. SMS each time they recharge denominations will be 0,75$, the first number will depend on the first deposit that the issue of links to Scratch card games, there are many denominations, 0,5 – 1$.
When you add money to the game, which will be converted into the currency of the game and the client must use in-game currency to buy things. Prices for each item will vary depending on the properties that objects bring.
I wish you happy gaming!