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WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best messaging app available for free on Android and any smartphones. WhatsApp usages internet connection of your mobile (4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi) to give facility of messaging, calling, video calling, media sharing. Even, in the latest version of WhatsApp you can share your documents also. So, go with time and get the WhatsApp on your mobile even you can also install this App on your PC and tablets and send and receive calls, photos, messages, videos, Voice Messages, and documents.

Stories features: Now on the latest WhatsApp, you will find Stories feature for updating your status, in which you can share your status and that status will appear for only 24 hours. In addition, you can customize the setting for viewers.
No charges: To do its activities, WhatsApp does not require to consume your main balance all it needs internet connectivity whether you have internet plan in your mobile or Wi-Fi.
Multimedia: You can share documents, videos, Voice Messages, and photos,.

Free calls: You can make call to your contacts for free with WhatsApp Calling, within country. In addition, WhatsApp call consumes your mobile’s Internet data instead of voice minutes of your cellular plan.
Note: It might apply data charges. So, you have to contact to your provider for information. In addition, no one cannot access 911 and any other emergency numbers via WhatsApp.
Group chat: You can enjoy group chats with your all your contacts and it is easier to contact with your or family or friends by using WhatsApp.
WhatsApp web: You can have WhatsApp messages from your computer's browser.

No international Charges: To send WhatsApp messages internationally, you would not need to spent a single penny because it is free.*
Say no to usernames and PINs: There is no need to make username or passwords. You can utilize it with your phone number, similar to SMS, and synchronize flawlessly with your mobile’s existing contact list.
Always logged in: You don’t need to log in or log out as long as your data connection is on, you will get all the messages and media files.
Quickest connectivity with your contacts: Address book of your mobile connects quickly and easily. So, you don’t to perform any additional step to have functions of WhatsApp.

Offline messages:
Just in case, you have turned off your messages then you can get all the offline messages as you turn on your device.
And much more:
Exchange contacts, share your location, notification sounds, send email chat history, set custom wallpapers, broadcast messages to several contacts at a single instance, and so on!
*Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details.
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