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Introduction : Connecting with your loved ones is the main objective of every individual. So, to make sure that convenience is delivered to the user Facebook Messenger is introduced. Through this messenger application, user does not need to pay for each and every message being delivered. Moreover the money is charged through individual data plan. One just needs to type the person's name and message will be delivered easily.
Group Chats : Well if there are more than one people with whom chat takes place. In this case, facility like “Group Chat” is provided. Now the user can take selfies, photographs, make videos, even call to members of group. It is an ideal way to be in touch without forgetting any member.

Chat Heads : Through this no one is kept at the sidelines. Moreover the conversation will never be disrupted even while attending another call.
Free Calls : Well people residing in foreign countries were not able to communicate with their loved one's. This is not the case if user has Facebook Messenger. Normal data is consumed through Internet pack taken by user. On the other hand normal call tariffs is levied on each call made.

Salient Features of Facebook Messenger :
* Conversations is made interesting by stickers.
* One can select pictures or videos without leaving individual or group chat.
* If a user wants to send a voice clip, then it can be done easily.

Additional Features :
* The facility of last seen, informs the user of the time when his or her friend was online.
* Messages or other pictorial image or photographs is forwarded easily, without any hiccup.
* The switching on the location indicator, makes it easy for others to see, the location of people at nearby places.
* Through this one can find people or group with whom, user is is willing to communicate.

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